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Embark on a culinary journey at Sunrise Queen Resort Hotel, where the most exquisite tastes of Turkish and world cuisines come to life.


Exquisite Delights, Assorted Flavors

A fascinating dining experience awaits you in our restaurants serving the most favourite dishes of Turkish and international cuisine. Get ready for an unforgettable holiday experience for gastronomy lovers with rich menus and eye-catching presentations by our master chefs.


Every meal is an exhibition of flavours, every view is a blue canvas of the sea. Our main restaurant, Panorama, offers a wide range of flavours from breakfast to lunch and dinner. Discover a symphony of local and international flavours against breath-taking panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea. From the first rays of dawn to the golden sunset, experience a dining experience where every bite is accompanied by an extraordinary sea view.

Turkish Restaurant

A'la Carte

Inspired by Türkiye’s rich culinary culture, our dishes offer traditional flavours with a modern twist. Each of our dishes is prepared with the freshest local ingredients. From appetizers to kebabs and desserts, a wide menu awaits you with Turkish hospitality.

Italian Restaurant

A'la Carte

Enjoy an atmosphere where you will feel the warmth of the Mediterranean while tasting classic Italian flavours adorned with pastas, rich sauces and Italian classics await you.

Greek Restaurant

A'la Carte

Experience the best examples of rich and authentic Greek cuisine, from the fresh of the Aegean to the famous Greek salads, from olive oil flavours to traditional mezes. Journey to the Aegean with these unique flavours.


Yummy invites you to relax with scrumptious snacks against the serene seascape. It's the perfect spot to unwind and satisfy your cravings while the ocean whispers in the background.


Right next to the beach, Pita offers refreshing flavourful bites. Here, you can enjoy the fresh, vibrant tastes of our cuisine, complemented by the soothing caress of the sea breeze.


At the newly renovated Sunrise Queen Resort, Pattiseria will be the destination for guests of all ages looking for freshness, quality and flavor around the clock. Here, the delicious aroma of pastries, desserts and a variety of snacks and Italian bean coffees will waft from the air. Patisseria will be a special stop to sweeten life's memories, celebrate special occasions or just to start the day on a sweet note.